Everything has time and place....

When necessary, extra time can be taken for cable management and design. Not every time/place needs this level of care. So, compared to the WORKING lab where things change (My Lab) these pictures should give you a much better inclination of cable management capabilities!

Cable lacing is becoming a lost art form these days. Tie wraps make it easier but less elegant. :)

MDF Cable Cascade with Main Floor home runs and IDF connects

Here's where we move into the MDF racks themselves

Just looking at the cable junctures and lacing

MDF View: Trunk/Home Runs from another IDF closet

IDF View: Those same links (and local runs) coming into the IDF

Back to the MDF and the network cross-connect termination

Network Cross Connect

Telephone Cross Connect

Floor-based IDF. Static cabling only. Cross-connect in MDF.